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Happy New Year 2017!



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Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

3DCD is very thankful this fine Holiday!

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Project Review:Penny Dreadful 2014-Key Art Concept Skeleton Picture Frame.

The Shot as delivered for Penny Dreadful Season 2 Key Art. I finished for Season one here.

Here is an over-view shot showing the hand placement of each bone to create the ring shaped frame element for the One Sheet.
 I provide a Z-Depth Mask pass if requested by my clients so their Art Directors can do distance [ from Camera] based editing on a pixel by pixel basis.[ Fog, Desaturation, Camera effects and blur]

 A screen grab with the 2D Comp lined up. The black boarder is added before I begin to give the client bleed to the comp, so always safe to over-render a bit[ an inch or so]

Project Review:
Penny Dreadful Season 2-2014
Key Art Concept Skeleton Picture Frame.

Client: Showtime via Leroy and Rose.
Creative Direction: Melchior Lamy.
Project Date: November 2014.

A year earlier I finished with the 3D Illustration I did of the Scorpion Necklace for Season One on Penny Dreadful, seen here, and I was contacted to help with a concept for Season Two, A skeleton Picture Frame.

I received a 2D Comp layout with a rough mock up of a round framing element for the poster. I have had a Skeleton in my personal library for years that was used on various projects, so I broke it apart and began to design the frame.

The show is a dark concept so in keeping with that theme I used a black fog in the shot to drop all elements back into the abyss.

What a FUN concept to work on.

Cheers, THOM

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!

 Happy New Year 2016

3D Conceptual Designer studios will be closed until Monday January 4th. 
Have a fine and Festive Evening all!

A few TAG's for your viewing.

With a new Star Wars out, here is some Artwork I've done in the past for this grand property:

I did a lot more 3D printing work this year, growing segment of the business.

I did over 1000 3D logos this year alone, for a variety of projects.

Some style frames I've done:

I added more to the Steampunk TAG:

                                       Cheers, Thom Schillinger[ 3D Conceptual Designer]

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Project Review: 3D Illustration for: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013 PART III

 The first 3D render done for the placeholder Sentinel for the Comp presentation for X-Men Days of Future Past. This Key Art Comp was done in the Summer of 2013.

Each 3D Illustration I deliver comes with a Z-Depth s mask for depth based post FX for the CD's and AD's using it.

I did a dark and bright pass for each camera angle delivered for the X-Men Sentinel.

 Here is the Quad Sub-D base mesh I designed in 3D for the placeholder.

The base-mesh subdivided to level 3[ I did it @ 4 for renders though]

 For a more menacing feel you raise the camera-up, so they are looking over the eyebrow area so this is V2 for X-Men Days of Future Past.

The brighter pass on the placeholder Sentinel in view two[ V2] for X-Men.

The Base 3D Mesh for the Sentinel Head from X-Man.

The Sub-D mesh of the Sentinel.

The 3/4 view X-Men 4 comp.

Final Sub-D Mesh of the Sentinel. 

 Here is the base model I built for all X-Men Sentinel comps.

Project Review
3D Illustration for: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013

Client: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation via Gravillis Inc.
Project Date May 2013.

Today is the final installment in my series of 3D Illustration work I did for X-Men Days of Future Past back in 2013. Today in PART III, I am covering a piece of place-holder art for teasers.

Placeholder Art is used to accurately convey an idea, when a final asset is not designed yet, and at the time I was doing this back in 2013, the final Sentinel design was not accessible to the vendors so I had to rely on a few Comic Book images to go with for this piece.

Place holders are used to sell the idea and be replaced with the film asset if approved. I have both designed many robots in the past, and modeled them in 3D,  so I was able to get this done in a quick longer-one-day [12 hrs] gig.

 I'm familiar with the franchise as I worked on most of the prior X-Men films, from X-Men 2, X-Men 3, and X-Men 4:First Class, and I also ended up and finished the X-Men 2 logo as well as the X-Men 3 ones.

This 4th X-Men film, deals with the Sentinels who were created to destroy the X-men so they wanted some Dark comps with the main mask and eyes in it. I did two main views with an ALT for the third 3D Illustration,  a 3/4 side shot at the end.

You can review PART I here.
You can review PART II here.

                                               Cheers,   THOM

Monday, December 28, 2015

Project Review: Tiny House Nation 2015- Tiny Home Designs in 3D for Virtual Photo shoot 2015.

Here is a the group shot set up for a 3--Sheet billboard layout for Tiny House Nation.

 This Tiny House was called, "The Cabin' T&G siding, no roof overhangs, typical modern shed/ cabin build.

This Tiny House was called, "The Cape" Clapboard siding off white paint.
This next design, "The Cedar Neo", was designed as a newer styled tin roofed cabin with a steep pitched roof-line

 This Tiny House., "The Tin Box", was a galvanized Industrial look s similar to the finish on a shipping container with multiple panels.

This tiny house was a re-sue, as it is a direct lift form my personal collection, a Arts and Crafts era Grand Craftsman home I did as seen here.

I called this tiny home, "The Gypsy" as the long design felt like an Old fashioned Gypsy Cart a bit.

A fun Tiny House I did some MCM[ Mid-Century-Modern] accents, from the star-door-knob and the exposed beams on the low angled roof.

This Tiny House was called, "The Mod-Tin Roller", created as a portable design as they wanted at least one on wheels.

This last tiny home was called "The Outliner", it's  a highly stylized design with an icon home shape as the outside framing shape, created with a all of glass for the icon shaped-walls.

 Project Review
Tiny Home Design for 3D Virtual Photo shoot 2015.
Client: FYI Network via Leroy and Rose.
Art Direction. Melchior Lamy, Jay LaRosa.
Project Date May 2015.

Today I am reviewing some 'virtual' 3D Tiny Houses I created for Key Art presentations for the FYI TV series, Tiny House Nation, back in the Spring of 2015.

I regularly do virtual photo-shoot work like this for architecture, and since the finished image is fully owned by the client as it is a unique creation , they own all rights to the final images, in contrast to the contracts for stock photography use, sot they came to me.

3D Design also gave the client, full control over each tiny house design and view, so they got exactly what they wanted.

I built out a range of styles and rendered two views for the larger versions that were used in the foreground heavy designs, and I also did a few group shots for filling in background dominant designs as the 3-sheet billboards were.

I also re-used a personal model to add one more to their lot of a playhouse I designed a while back, that is doubling as a tiny house.

From 3D Concept design, 3D build, 3D texture and lighting to final 3D Images, this was a fun one day gig.

                                                                              Cheers, THOM

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!


Merry Christmas 2015!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

           -From 3D Conceptual Designer.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Project Review: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013-3D Logo exploration PART II

In my 3D Logo exploration back in 2013 for X-Men Days of Future Past, this concentric ring concept was fun direction to explore.

 This version had the center on the "X"  in X-Men, radiating outward to the end of this 3D Film title.

 For this round I added some kinetic animated 3D radial-blur as if the type spun down to the still revealed in the print version of the 3D Logo.

I did a full set with the circles centered in the full title and had a bit more symmetry to the look. I also used multiple metal textures to accentuate the rings a bit.

 This 3D Title had a 3D brushed metal backdrop behind the 3D Logo for X-Men Days of Future Past.

Another 3D Logo for X-Men 4, with the Radial Spin, designed for a living one sheet as well.

 I took the logo and did a full edge to edge 3D render for a teaser title only One-Sheet.

 This 3D Logo got a bit of volumetric back lighting centered on the concentric  circles in the chopped up 3D Font.

I still did some 'bright-on-bright' looks too, but stayed withing the original darker looks for most of the work.

I did experiment with the concentric cutting on the Big X mark as well this was the top lit brighter version.

Here is the alternating ring and darker version of that Big X-Men X Icon in 3D brushed Metal.

Project Review
3D Logo exploration for: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013

Client: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation via Gravillis Inc.
Project Date May 2013.

Today in PART II in my series of 3D Logo explorations for X-Men Days of Future Past back in 2013 I am covering a fun concept that graphically  broke up the text into rings. I am very familiar with the franchise as I worked on most of the prior X-Men films, from X-Men 2, X-Men 3, and X-Men 4:First Class, and I ended up and finished the X-Men 2 logo as well as the X-Men 3 ones in the past, so I took the full final title layout and created a sereis of looks with the style.

It has been popular to cut and slide type for a while in 2D, and I have done this in 3D as well as seen here for the first Wolverine spin of X-Men film, and on Blood Diamond here, and here on, A Perfect Getaway,

This  4th X-Men film deals with time travel, so they wanted something graphic to show this and time-ripples were a direction they wanted to visualize so I went with a pond-ripple effect by cutting the type in the concentric rings that I bumped, slip and dragged around in 3D space top show a break[ in time].

I will have another PART III posting for this X-Men work I did in the future, so please enjoy the post.
You can review PART I here.

                                               Cheers,   THOM

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Project Review: 3D Logo exploration for: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013- PART I

For round one exploration on X-Men:Days of Future Part, I did a big X as seen in the prior film finishes I worked on, and did a giant bevel look to move away from the smaller bevels found in the early work. A Brushed steel with some cool reflection tones to match the earlier versions was added to tie this new look over. This was a teaser image.

 Here I opened up the 3D Lighting more and warmed up the reflections and ambient. I also rendered with the background plate accepting big 3D shadows for this round to make it stand off more.

 A real 3D cyclorama with some distressed metal texturing was added as I pulled way back from the X for a longer shot.

 The client set-up the type block and wanted the same super bevel added to the title so it was a large hexagonal like block of type. a fun alternate look IMO.

 For the alt we moved away from metal textures and did a white on white in low light looks with minimal textures and bright blown out high-lights, to add a dream like feel to it.

 I also was asked to do a simple 'X' like I did for X-Men 3 only in a portrait proportion vs. landscape.
 The distressed version of the X was to be a pitch for a Living One Sheet where it flickered between the clean and busted up one. Sparking effects were to be added in the final animation if it went to finish.

 A 3/4 shot of the clean X as an alt. Render with alpha to putt the logo off the backdrop is a typical request and standard with my 3D deliveries if needed.
 Here is the distressed one at 3/4 showcasing the full twisting and bending each leg in the 'X' under went, not fully seen in the direct front shot.

Project Review
3D Logo exploration for: X-Men Days of Future Past 2013

Client: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation via Gravillis Inc.
Project Date May 2013.

Back in May of 2013 I was happy to work on the next installment of the X-Men franchise with another in the Prequel lineup called, X-Men Days of Future Past. I worked on most of the prior X-Men films, from X-Men 2, X-Men 3, and X-Men 4:First Class, and I ended up and finished the X-Men 2 logo as well as the X-Men 3 ones in the past, so I am very familiar with both the franchise itself, as well as the marketing for the prior films. 

I am also a super-fan of the films as well, so this was FUN STUFF!

I also finished the final logo for X-Men 5 thru another client We Are Bond in 2014, and here is a link to that finished image found in the trailer a seen here below:
                                 Screen Cap from the Motion Graphics for the Trailer here.

In this PART I posting today, I am covering the first exercise in doing a big "X" and some type. They supplied me with the vector files approved for 3D layout, which is the typical way most clients work with me, though I do lay out type myself, for about 25% of my 3D logo work, most is pre-set from the client end to begin with.

Since this was a time travel genre, I was asked to do before and after concepts and they wanted one Big "X" version to have in clean and dented. I did a few conceptual images based in this direction throughout the project.

I will have another PART II posting for this X-Men work I did in the future, so please enjoy the post.

                                               Cheers,   THOM